Pre-Bridal packages cost and Bridal makeup services at home in Mumbai

Pre-Bridal packages cost and Bridal makeup services at home in Mumbai


This is the season of makeup and wedding is on the peak. Most of the marriages are happening now a day and all the of the people are investing more money in Bridal makeup services at home. Bridal makeup service at home in Mumbai , Chennai , Pune, Nagpur, Delhi and Guwahati is very famous. People are more attracted towards Bridal home services instead they go for physical parlour services.



Here we will list the best Pre Bridal Packages


Some of the most important services we offer are:

Facials – Getting a spotless radiant face is most vital for this important day. Wide range of facials like Gold, Diamond or pearl facials are the best to go ahead with. Getting regular facials is important and must be started at least 6 months before.

Body polishing – A process that exfoliation to get a smooth skin. Give yourself repeated sessions in at least a couple of months.

Body waxing – This ensures you have hair free smooth body to enjoy every part of the newly build life. Place the waxing sessions a week before to get rid of any rashes. Also try not to take everything in the same day since it can get painful. Split your waxing sessions at least in two.

Eyebrows – Getting eyebrows in shape is almost a necessity today; place it 3-4 days before.

Manicure and Pedicure – A lot of ceremonies involve exhibiting your feet and hands, never neglect them. These can be clubbed with any other service within 2-3 days from the wedding date.

Body massage – With so much happening in your life a body massage is the perfect way to unwind yourself and relax you mind, body and soul. Take at least 2-3 sessions in a couple of months from the wedding day.

Hair care – A bride’s beauty lies in her freshness. Hence never take chances of letting your hair be as they are. Try some of the most dazzling hair colors like burgundy or brown. Enjoy hair spas to get the soft silky mane for the most important day of your life. Your hair care sessions can be planned at our Salon with the experts.

We also understand how important it is to have your family and friends right next to you on this important day. So, for the very first time ever we have packages where the makeup services are being extended.

Along with one bridal service and two party make up services enjoy the third party service absolutely free.

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